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1 Top Pick for 2023 Stock Market


Oct 20, 2022


Right now its mid-October 2022 as I write about my favorite pick for 2023. And right now I am extremely bearish on the short term outlook expecting stocks to find bottom between 2,800 to 3,200 by early 2023.

But then things become glorious for the bulls.

Because from that darkest hour stocks will rise with gusto. We are truly talking about the “phoenix rising from the ashes” which is how all new bull markets begin.

In fact, going all the way back to 1900, the average first year gain for new bull markets is +46.2%.

Now consider that small caps generally rise 20% more than large caps in the S&P 500 (SPY).

Now consider that using 3X leverage in this small cap ETF could easily lead to first year returns north of 100%.

Now you understand why I am pounding the table on buying this 3X ETF focused on small cap stocks for 2023. I am referring to Direxion Small Cap Bull 3X ETF (TNA)

This sounds great except for one thing….WHEN do you buy it?

If you buy too early, and the market is still racing lower, you will have tremendous losses on your hands. So I caution against just blindly buying it without some consideration for determining market bottom.

Again, right now it is October 2022. So this is an evolving story that needs vigilant watch on all the key indicators like employment, earnings, inflation, Fed rates and price action. That is the only way to determine when it may be time to enact this TNA trade.

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Wishing you a world of investment success!

Steve Reitmeister…but everyone calls me Reity (pronounced “Righty”)
CEO, StockNews.com

Editor of Reitmeister Total Return

TNA shares were trading at $32.02 per share on Wednesday morning, down $1.18 (-3.55%). Year-to-date, TNA has declined -62.22%, versus a -21.08% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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