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Musk fanboys create $600k monument to their hero


Nov 7, 2022


Oh, how I wish this were a joke. But, sadly, from everything I can determine, this is real. The boys (and yes, of course, they seem to be all male) behind the cryptocurrency Elon GOAT Token ($EGT) have been hard at work funding a “monument” featuring a giant goat with the head of their hero, Elon Musk, riding a rocket. I repeat: this is real.

On the $EGT website a quote from “DRIVE TESLA CANADA” describes the monument, which was created by Chilliwack, BC metal sculptor Kevin Stone:

The statue was completed in July, 2022 and has been touring the country during the last few months. The $EGT website explains:

Confused yet? It gets even weirder. 

The $EGT website explains that the culmination of this project is on November 26, 2022, when the monument will be delivered to Elon himself, in Austin, Texas:

But why? Again, the website explains:

I don’t really have many words. I’m sure the Elon fanboys at $EGT think this is hilarious, and I’m sure Elon will, too. It’s not, though. It’s a dumb waste of a shitload of money to further stroke an ego that doesn’t need any more attention, all for a joke, and to promote a stupid currency that wreaks havoc on the environment. Good job, boys.

If you have the fortitude to witness this monstrosity in action, here’s a video of the it rolling through Beverly Hills.

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